Cubans possess a zest for life that defies years, if not centuries, of suppression. I’m taking a small film crew to make a documentary film that captures the heart and soul of the island. We will take a road trip from Havana to Santiago de Cuba and along the way meet and film many diverse and charismatic people.

Accompanied by percussionist Panga with with his musical and intimate family connections, we will transcend the limitations of a travel log to authentically connect with the people and take you on a journey with us.

With the renewed relationship with the US there is an explosion of interest in Cuba. We love the nostalgia and cultural richness of Cuba but sadly anticipate a dilution as the Western influence seeps in.

The harsh economic and political environment has bred a troupe of people who are understandably intent on getting some US dollars and will “try on anything” to do it. This can make the tourist experience somewhat arduous: it’s not all cigars and Mojitos. It takes something to move beyond this barrier and reach the genuine heart of the people. This is our challenge. Our mission is to take you to the soul of Cuba, to celebrate and assist in preserving this amazing cultural heritage.

We’ve bought our flights to Cuba but we need your help to make the quality production that our vision demands. With only two weeks in Cuba our time and opportunities are limited. But we have an extremely committed, passionate and talented crew who are donating their time and energy to make something that not only delights and inspires our audience but also makes a huge difference to the Cuban artists. Your donations will help us feed the crew and provide the opportunity to produce a professionally recorded soundtrack and CD. One thing about the Cuban economic situation is that money is tight. Every little bit will support the artists.

Finally, as we launch the film on both the local and international film festival circuits, donated funds will help cover our marketing costs.

Craig Miller

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